Super You is a fascinating read.

Have you ever thought of hooking yourself up to your partner’s central nervous system? (What?! That’s crazy pants.) How about bots in your blood stream? Or one day have your brain become an extension of the cloud? Become a cyborg? (Oh, come on, you all know you secretly want be Cinder.)

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s closer to reality than you think.

The authors — Andy Walker, a technology journalist; Kay Walker, a life hacker (love it); and Sean Carruthers, a video producer who has studied, podcasted and broadcasted about technology for 20 years — explore the theories and ideas of visionaries across the world who subscribe to the Technology Singularity. Google it!

My brain on Technology Singularity

Because I’m not a scientist, but a mere book reviewer who pronounces the G in GIFs like the G in Gifts, I’ll leave it to the authors explain The Technology Singularity:

[The Singularity is a theory that we will reach a] ‘point in time when human life changes so drastically that it will be unimaginable to those who came before.’

Super You argues that a new human evolution is upon us and it’s directly linked to the ever-increasing, speedy evolution of technology. Top visionaries predict that point in time is 2030. Others predict 2045. After hearing President Obama speak last week about his belief in our ability to make it to Mars by 2030, coupled with our current obsession with technology and all things sci-fi, we seem to be right on track, on the superficial surface at least, for this new evolution to happen.

I’m still wrapping my head around this whole concept. There is a lot going on in this book, but the authors make it easy to understand. The topics are broken down into nine chapters. The humor in the writing serves as a relief during the meatier parts of the book. The book sparked a lot of questions for me while reading, and then addressed them a few pages later. The writing is tight, almost newspaper/documentary style. It reads like a print news story, which is a style I enjoy to read.

My favorite chapters are five and six: The Human Computer and Franken-You: A Better Life. These chapters are loaded with mind-blowing stories about do-it-yourselfers who are already technologically modifying their own bodies, specifically: Steve Mann, aka, Mr. Cyborg and father of Google Glass; Kevin Warwick who is improving on Morse Code technology to make human brain-to-brain communication a thing; and Ray Kurzweil, the director of technology at Google who is working to develop a synthetic neocortex — the part of our brain that separates us from our animal friends.

Super You

In closing, Super You addresses the shift in societal attitudes that must take place for the order of civil life. If you think about it, the generation coming up behind us Millennials will be so entrenched in technology. From the moment they are born a smart phone is within immediate grasp in the delivery room while mom and dad take photos. And the amazing thing is these babies instinctively know how to use them! And want them! Led by the GenXers and the Millennials, this is the generation whose attitudes will be primed to accept this new evolution and to deal with the social outfall.

Check out more about Super You here.


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